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  1. WTS- Glock G22 Gen3

  2. New Member - Las Vegas

    Pleasure doing business with you. Hope you learn a lot from the guys here.
  3. Lowball Trolls

    Where are you getting Gen4 for 500otd? And yeah, just a smidge high to leave room for negotiation. If you list at your rock bottom some lowball troll will come along and offer 100 bucks less. LOL!
  4. Lowball Trolls

    Guys, we aren't talking about a $1000 gun listed for $2000 or even $1200. This is a $500 gun at discounted retail (NOT MSRP!) with over $100 in extras listed for $450 and some douche offering $300. Yeah, that is a lowball troll that is wasting both of our time. And this is just one example. I...
  5. Lowball Trolls

    Do you offer $100 lower on a $400 item that is already $100 below retail?
  6. Lowball Trolls

    PSA is selling LCP's for $169.00. I just saw 1 go at auction for $220 + fees. :eek:
  7. Lowball Trolls

    When someone offers $300 for a gun that is listed for $450 and retails for mare than that you are not making a reasonable offer, just being a troll. :) I list my stuff a little high to leave some room to negotiate because no matter what you put in your add someone virtually always makes a lesser...
  8. Lowball Trolls

    Am I the only one getting ridiculous lowball offers from new(ish) members? Have the Backpage trolls finally found their way here? :(
  9. WTT Surefire x300

    What is the lumen output?
  10. WTS Winchster M1 Grand 1944

    Any idea on the T & E?
  11. WTS- Glock G22 Gen3

    Getting out of .40S&W so I have 2 G22’s for sale. Can meet in NLV or the Eastside. NV ID required and CCW preferred with bill of sale. Gen3- Low round count and in great shape. Comes with 2 mags and nothing else. $475obo Gen4- Again, very low round count and in great condition. Comes with 3...
  12. WTS- 8# IMR 3031, 5# CFE 223

    Like the title says, I have these items for sale. 3031 is SOLD. I can meet on the Eastside or NLV. Added 5# CFE223. $25/# obo
  13. WTB : GLOCK 17 lover

    I am a Glock 17 lover but I'm taken. :)
  14. Automatic knives

  15. Want to buy Glock 17,22 mags

    TNT's deal is a good one. Thought about it myself! :)
  16. IDPA at DSRPC

    72? DAMN! You are kicking butt! I thought you were closer to my age. As for the overall, I agree and disagree. While I am probably my own worst critic and do watch my division I look at the overall to gauge how I am improving compared to the really good shooters like Rolan, Angelo, Chad and...
  17. Competition is good for you.

    I totally agree. While competition isn't necessarily good tactical training it is definitely good practice to reinforce the fundamentals like drawing, reloading and shooting on the move. I think every LEO should be required to shoot some kind of match every month. :)