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  1. SOLD

    Profile says Las Vegas.

    What kind of Hogdon powder?
  3. IDPA at DSRPC

    Results from yesterdays match. It was a warm one and the stages were humbling to say the least! LOL! Congratulation to Ruben Aquino on the PCC win and Angelo Mastrio for the top pistol spot. I had a rough start but managed to squeak out 2 stage wins so it was a good day overall. I hope to see...
  4. IDPA at DSRPC

    32 spots still open. C'mon out!
  5. IDPA at DSRPC

    Nice suggestion but I think there are restrictions at the range that might prevent this. I will mention it to the MD though.
  6. IDPA at DSRPC

    I thought about starting a new post for each match but we can try bumping this one and see how it works out. Here is the sign up link to Practiscore for the match this coming Sunday, June 10th. Be there or be, well probably someplace cooler! :)...
  7. IDPA - Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club

    Results from Sundays match. It was a fun one with a challenging door stage.
  8. WTS, Springfield XD9 Tactical, Henry Golden Boy 17HMR *Price Drop*

    Well poop! It was in my profile in the old forum, didn't realize it wasn't there anymore. Updated ad.
  9. IDPA - Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club

    Make sure to bring eyes and ears if you are watching. What gun are you planning to use when you do compete?
  10. WTS Glock 42, Ruger P345 mags. Added 7mm & .240 Weatherby and 9mm Golden Saber ammo.

    I have 10 G42 .380 mags for sale. 8 of these are the first gen 33249 marked ones and 2 are marked 01. $20ea FTF or $100 per lot of 5 shipped. Can meet on the Eastside or NLV. I also have a few brand new in the package P345 8 round mags for sale. $25 each. 3 boxes (60 rounds) of 7mm Weatherby...
  11. post picture?

    What is the max image size?
  12. IDPA - Las Vegas Practical Shooting Club

    Here is the signup link for the next match. Be there or...... :)
  13. IDPA at DSRPC

    Results from yesterdays match. It was a good one with some fast stages.
  14. IDPA at DSRPC

    9 spots still available.