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Jerry 10-02-2016 02:09 AM

Electronic Filing of Form 4's
Anyone waiting on the ATF for their form 3ís to be approved so they can submit their form 4ís?

I would like to introduce our new partner S.I.D. This is Silencer Shops new KIOSK that allows you to submit your form 4ís electronically. This now makes us (Extreme Reloading) a one-stop shop for your paperwork. Going to Metro and waiting for hours is a thing of the past. Running around town trying to get your passport photos is also a thing of the past. Once you are able to submit your form 4, all you have to do is come on down to our shop with all your paperwork. We will help walk you thru the process. With just a few easy steps you can have your stuff submitted to Silencer Shop for submission to the ATF. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

You can also visit our F.A.Q. page located at

Please help us get the word out.

Thanks in advance!

Davidsons Firearms 11-07-2016 06:22 AM


The SID terminal doesn't file electronically. All it does is collect the finger prints and send them to silencer shop for them to print them out and mail a physical form 4 to ATF on behalf of the end user.

We also have a terminal in store. Have done over 150 sets of prints for customers in last 4 months. It does make form 4's much easier as silencer shop has a entire department that their only job is to double check everything to insure there are no issues and make sure the forms won't get rejected when sent to ATF.

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