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  1. Hornady Frontier: Hot loads = weapon failure

    Thanks for sharing. Was gonna pick up some of the 62 grain rounds since i load those for plinking and 77+ for other purposes. By any chance were any measurements of the brass taken on the rounds that were pulled off the shelves? Maybe its a headspace issue. Or maybe this is the norinco of 2018
  2. SHTF Gun, you can only pick ONE

    Shtf.. Probably bugging in as my odds would be greater than bugging out.. Lets be honest.. If we had to bug out from vegas most would die trying to get to other locations either from the elements or from others.. I would like to head north to where fresh water, wildlife and plant life are more...
  3. 10.5 vs 11.5 AR Pistol

    It was about a year ago i received it so 2 years ago essentially i submitted the form. Nfa lowers have been holding up great for me, including my suppressor setup. Now gotta submit two stamps for the damn mpx; suppressed sbr will be fun to shoot
  4. Cold Creek Rd Shooting Area?

    When it first opened i will admit i loved going there.. Sat through the bs video blah blah blah. Had brass they would let me sort through.. Then slowly more and more people starting going there.. The good ones and the bad ones.. Now its not worth it and last time i went i got put next to a guy...
  5. Found some ammo in my garage

    First and foremost, glad you made it buddy. Secondly, i wish i had that problem when i bought my house in 2013. Only thing i found left behind was some light bulbs and a door mat lol.
  6. 10.5 vs 11.5 AR Pistol

    As did i. Kept putting it off until one day i nearly bought an upper and said F it.. Ill throw this money to the atf. 11 months later it was worth it.. But damn 11 months felt like forever.
  7. 10.5 vs 11.5 AR Pistol

    Nice. I used to run 77s in my truck gun (10.5 aero upper and nfa lower) just cause with the short barrel and velocity loss the 77s will still tumble. Has since been replaced by an mpx with side folder. To the op, if its gonna be a pistol and maybe an sbr at some point.. Go with the 10.5...
  8. My CCW stopped a fight today

    So i read this.. Curbside drop.. Not on school property... Dumba** approached in threatening manner and op prepared to defend himself... All because op was trying to check for injuries and make sure everyone was okay.. Are these screwball trolls a side effect of the backpage seizure?
  9. Gun Selling

    Ive pretty much only used nevadashooters and the one time someone flaked, he had a family emergency and met up a week later, completely understandable and cant hold it against a guy taking care of his #1 priority. Few times i posted on a site that was recently seized by the feds.. Sometimes it...
  10. Off-Road and Random Open Hole in Engine

    Jiffy lube once didnt tighten my oil filter adequately. Nothing like parking and an hour later getting ready to go shooting and seeing an oil puddle in the driveway. Surprised the damn thing made it home, not to mention the cleanup and acid wash i had to do to appease my HOA Figures too.. I...
  11. Anyone got a Real ID?

    No. When i was at the dmv for dl renewal.. I brought my dd214 and a bank statement with my address on it. They said neither form was acceptable.. But a social security card with my name on it and my car insurance card with my address were....? Was a circus.
  12. Another school shooting!

    Reminiscent of columbine with the explosives reportedly found. I guess this is what someone lashing out looks like after 17 years of coddling, participation trophies and constant reminders of how everyone is special, deserves everything and entitled to all. Get ready for another push on...
  13. Home warranty company?

    First american is terrible. They send l&s (i believe) for everything. So my ac was dripping down the secondary line in the garage aka there was an issue. After 3 visits, when i got back into town i went up there myself.. The pan underneath had a bolt that fell out so it was unlevel.. Not...
  14. Finally made the trip

    Any reloading components? Tired of going to sportsmans for powder and northwest arms stopped selling it thanks to state regulators
  15. Backpage

    I have done a few transactions on backpage.. No issue. I have done even more here, people with perfect, not perfect and no itrader ratings and never had an issue. I always preferred this site because i know most of those i did business with and then if there were any issues with what i sold...